Audiometric examinations are used to detect loss of hearing. In our practice, the following procedures are performed:



1. Detection of sound localization


Using a standardized, high frequency rattle (high frequency rattle by McCormick, Manchester Rattle) it is checked whether the baby turns towards the source of sound (Turning test).



2. Tympanometry


A probe is inserted into the external auditory canal which seals the ear canal. It emits different test tones which are reflected off the eardrum. The reflected tones are measured and allow conclusions to be made regarding various diseases of the middle ear. Since no active participation is required by the patient, the testing is painless and can be easily implemented in children.



3. Pilot test


This test not only evaluates the hearing of your child but also speech comprehension. By way of headphones, your child will be asked to show different items on a picture board. As the test proceeds, the volume is incrementally reduced.

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