Curriculum Vitae                                          Dr. Konstantin von Puttkamer


Medical studies in Heidelberg, Vienna and Boston


State examination and dissertation in Heidelberg


1972-1979                                        Residency training at the University Children´s Hospital

                                                         Tübingen specializing in pediatric endocrinology and



                                                         Publications: "Tall stature in girls" and "Thyroid dysfunction

                                                         in children"


                                                         Involvement in the local establishment of the

                                                         TSH newborn screening program


1979-2008                                       Pediatrician in a private practice subspecialized in pediatric

                                                        neurology and epileptology along with a child and

                                                        adolescent psychiatrist and a psychologist in Tuebingen


sine 2009                                        Pediatrician with emphasis in neuropediatrics and     

                                                        epileptology in the Kinderarztpraxis Fehr



Member of the following associations:


Professional Association of Pediatricians

Society of Neuropediatrics



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